Windows Insider for Business – Doing the thing (Finally)

Late last week, I achieved the final two pieces of the #WIP4Biz puzzle at my org – Management Buy In and a meeting with the Infrastructure Team Lead and his Azure Engineer.

The management buy in was reasonably easy due to my participation on the insider program in the org (more specifically the contacts made at Microsoft both here in Auckland and in Redmond).

The combination of the recent two-year countdown to end of life for Window 7, and the greater awareness and understanding of what Windows as a Service also helped.  With Windows 10 now my orgs “standard” OS, a higher degree of understanding and support is now required, especially from our application support teams.

It will be up to each application support specialist to ensure that their application will be supported through each Windows 10 feature release.

Meeting with the Infrastructure Team Lead and his Azure Engineer to start the process of getting the org’s domain registered went well and looks to be on track for implementation very soon.

My proposal to the business for how it controls the availability of WIP4Biz would be to start with our ICT department first, and limit restrictions.  What I mean by this is that I will be offering WIP4Biz and allowing each participant to choose which ring they want to be on – The recommendation will be Slow Ring, but if they want to try Fast Ring, that will be available, with the understanding that it will be at their own risk.

I look forward to updating this Blog on the progress of WIP4Biz and fingers crossed, it will include the successful adoption of the programme.

I also plan to seek approval to implement Windows Analytics soon and will write about that here also.



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