That’s a Wrap!!

I’m sitting in Orlando airport awaiting the first of three two flights on my long journey back to New Zealand. It has been an incredible six days and I have so many memories that will be with me forever.

UPDATE – It’s now two as my original flight broke down and I’m on the miracle flight – Orlando to LA to Auckland.  The Orlando flight is scheduled to land four minutes after the flight to Auckland begins boarding.

First and foremost – there are two people who I want to thank.

The first person is Dona Sarkar.

Dona began scheming this back in February for me to speak up on stage at Microsoft Ignite.  Many things went through my mind, mostly my friends “Imposter Syndrome” and “Self Sabotage”.  I immediately agreed, with the thoughts of ..

1. Microsoft won’t be onboard with this, so it’ll never happen.
2. My work probably won’t let it happen.
3. September is so far away.

Just the fact that Dona mentioned it to was super awesome.


The second person, the Chief Data Dude, and while some back and forth banter on my part may have resulted in a slight change to that name (#ChiefDataKitten), Mr Blair Glennon, you have been an absolute safe pair of hands with this terrified kiwi.


So much has happened over the past week.  I need to start collecting my thoughts, organising photos and start blogging about this incredible experience.





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