Reflecting on 2018

Well, 2018 has been consigned to the history books and as I sit here recovering from another Christmas/New Years in the New Zealand summer with the Cricket on the radio, I find myself thinking of the year that has past.

On the last working day of 2018, I walked past my first desk (I’ve had three this year for anyone counting). On the windows was a 2018 ‘to do’ list, a list that to be honest, I’d forgotten about (I have moved desks three times as well as two floors). The list had several tasks that I wanted to achieve for 2018, and I made quite a dent in it.

It goes without question that the most epic thing to happen to me was the trip to Microsoft Ignite in September – What a magical time that was. It was my first trip not just to the United States, but also across the equator. I made many wonderful friends from that trip that I have kept in contact with.

A goal for 2019 is to try and get back to Ignite, which will not be easy.

My organisation is shifting to modern workplace and 2019 will be the year of delivery. There are still many challenges ahead before achieving this, but I am confident that the people on this project can deliver a successful outcome.

In a few days, it will be the one-year countdown to the end of support for Windows 7. Retiring all remaining Windows 7 devices in my organisation is one of my top 2019 goals. As we near the 70% done mark, I have confidence it can be achieved.

2019… Let’s get into it!



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