Wow, A lot has happened since my last post on this site…

Winter has come and gone, as has most of 2019, and what a year it’s been!

I’ve moved to a new job, I was awarded the Windows Insider MVP award and I was SUPER fortunate to have been selected to speak at Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Orlando not once, but FOUR times.  There’s a neat write up on my work’s website here, and I’ll be doing my own recap soon.

So yes, a lot of change.

I finally got myself organized this past weekend and purchased my very own custom domain –

Why the

Well, it’s my twitter handle for one, and so much goodness in my life over the last ten years has come from the amazing people I’ve connected with on Twitter, so it kinda makes sense to honor my handle with the same domain name.

I’m also looking forward to experimenting with how the site is going to look going forward.

So here’s to my goal to being more active on this site!



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