TheUptake Podcast

OK, somethings very cool happened to me yesterday…  Well, at least I think it’s pretty cool.

A wee while ago, Anna Chu reached out to me and my good friend Chris Gill about appearing on her podcast – The Uptake with Anna Chu.  The topic being something very personal to me – Neurodiversity.

I’ll be honest, being on an actual podcast terrified me!!  Sure, I can easily listen to podcasts, but being on one, well it’s not something I ever thought I’d do.

My good (bad) friend Impostor Syndrome decided to hitch a ride with me throughout the experience, but thanks to being armed with a banishing spell cooked up by a super awesome friend of mine, I was able to keep those impostory types of feelings at bay (well, most of the time).

I was SUPER happy to have my Microsoft Ignite buddy Chris Gill along for the ride.  Chris and I first met at Microsoft Ignite in 2019 where we both were on the Intersectionality: The real diversity superpower panel with some truly amazing people, expertly moderated by the one and only Dona Sarkar.

Chris and I immediately hit it off.

After Microsoft Ignite, Chris did a 40 days of neurodiversity and has summarised these 40 days into a blog post and I highly recommend you check it out here.

It was a real blast doing the podcast with Anna, Chris and Lisa (who looked after us all behind the scenes).

It should be out in a few weeks, until then, I really encourage you to check out Anna’s other shows and subscribe to TheUptake podcast wherever you get your podcasts from.

Thank you Anna, Chris and Lisa for this unique and fun experience



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