Reflecting, two months on…

Her death certificate came in the post today.  Exactly two months to the day from when I got home from Sydney and had to do the toughest thing a parent could ever do.

It’s been a crazy crazy two months, and the world has changed in such a short time.

Looking back, the first month actually went very slowly.  There were days where I was just in a haze, wondering how the hell this would get better and I cannot begin to describe the worry I had (and still have) for my kids.

Each one had taken the loss of their mother differently and for both, it was very painful.

A good friend of mine told me “grief is not linier” and she was correct.  For the next 12 months there are going to be many firsts since their mothers passing.  This weekend just past was the first Easter and there will be birthdays and other events to come.

Then the Covid-19 pandemic started escalating.  What became something that was happening overseas, now was happening here at home.

This also affected the any plans for the kids to say goodbye to their mother.   Delays in making arrangements which in addition to the lockdown here in New Zealand, meant that there hasn’t been a funeral.

The kids and I will eventually do something appropriate to say goodbye to their mother once the lockdown is lifted and this pandemic will pass, and whatever the world will end up looking like, we will adapt to it.

Be kind to one another



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