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Wow, it has been a crazy last 18 months…  I haven’t updated this blog in months, in fact, this is my first post for 2021 which kind of defeats the purpose in having a blog in some ways.  So, it’s well overdue (and will most likely be very disjointed) so here we go.

What has made me write this blog today? – well, reflection.

Last night, I attended the Trans-Tasman Super Rugby Grand Final at Eden Park in Auckland – and for a someone who has been a rugby fan for decades (although that passion for the game has waned over recent years for many reasons), this night out at the “big game” at corporate hospitality was something I realised I needed.

So, as I reflect on this event, it made me release that I have been to two significant sporting events this year, the other being the final race of the 36th Americas Cup which New Zealand defended – again with a front row seat in corporate hospitality.

I realised that both opportunities have come about through my job – a job that I simply love.   When you work at a company that wants to push boundaries, has inspiring leadership as well my manager being very empowering, even the hard days at work are always good ones.

So, what’s next?

Well, I do have a worry about my Microsoft MVP award and what looks like a potential failure to be re-awarded in 2022.  While it has been a very difficult time on a personal front (and there are things in my life that continue to be this way), I do need to make that time to start doing better when it comes to my MVP activities.

One journey I am thinking of writing about is a topic that is very special to me – Windows Insider for Business.

Now, I have done a few of these at various places I have worked at – All with devices that are what I would call “Legacy” e.g. AD joined and managed with Config Manager.

Now I am pushing forward with Modern Management, I find myself needing to put into action the theory of how I would do Windows Insider for Business in Intune.

Do I continue to go with a similar approach of targeting devices, or is this the time to switch to users?

How will the Software Update rings that I’ve configured in Intune (with Dev and Beta Channel software update rings) work with the Feature Update feature (which is still in preview, but I use to manage the Windows 10 versions in Intune).

I am also a strong advocate of adding in both Office and Edge insider to Windows (essentially becoming what I call M365 or Microsoft Insider for Business).

Please let me know your thoughts (you can contact me here, on Twitter or LinkedIn)


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