Removing Teams Chat from the taskbar with Intune

Windows 11 comes with a built-in version of Microsoft Teams.  I have written a blog detailing how to remove this with Intune, but there is also a Teams Chat icon that still remains pinned to the taskbar.

Microsoft have released a CSP to allow the Chat icon on the taskbar to be configured

I created the following Custom Configuration Profile in Intune

Profile NameWin 11 – Custom – Policy CSP – Experience – ConfigureChatIcon
Profile DescriptionDisabled Teams Chat Icon

OMA-URI Settings

Data TypeInteger

There options available for value are as follows:
0 – Not Configured: The Chat icon will be configured according to the defaults for your Windows edition.
1 – Show: The Chat icon will be displayed on the taskbar by default. Users can show or hide it in Settings.
2 – Hide: The Chat icon will be hidden by default. Users can show or hide it in Settings.
3 – Disabled: The Chat icon will not be displayed, and users cannot show or hide it in Settings.

NOTE: This CSP is only available for Windows 11 Enterprise and Education editions.

Next, I deployed this Configuration Profile to my All Managed Windows Devices Azure AD Dynamic Group and used the Windows 11 Devices Intune Filter.

Once the Configuration Profile had applied (I also needed to log off and back on), the chat icon was removed from the taskbar and is no longer available.


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