Removing the Built-in Microsoft Teams app with Intune

With Windows 11, Microsoft Teams is now available as a built in app… which is great!

But at the time of writing this post, you cannot use the Microsoft Teams built-in app with a Work or School account…  not great.

Many business managed devices that have been upgraded to Windows 11 will also still have the Teams Machine-Wide Installer version of Microsoft Teams, resulting in the user the experience of two versions of Microsoft Teams in the Start Menu.

At this stage, only the Teams Machine-Wide Installer version of Microsoft Teams can be used, so having the built-in version present along side it with the same name could cause some confusion. To get around this, I will use the Intune PowerShell Scripts feature.

The PowerShell script contains the following command:

Get-AppxPackage "*Teams*" -AllUsers | Remove-AppPackage -AllUsers

I have added this script to Intune and deployed to my Azure AD Dynamic Device group Device – Win 11 – All Managed Windows 11 (unfortunately Intune Filters are not available for PowerShell Script deployments)

Once the script has run on the device, the built-in Microsoft Teams app will be removed.

This may take a bit of time to deploy to devices that have recently been in-place upgraded to Windows 11, but the app will be removed eventually.

I’m hoping Microsoft provide a way to easily re-add this app later (The Microsoft Store would be ideal) as I can see the benefit of replacing the deployed Teams Machine-Wide installer with this version once it can be used with Work or School Azure AD account


UPDATE – After writing this blog, I read an article with some more information regarding the Built-in Microsoft Teams app, Team Chat and what will appear to become Microsoft Teams (work or school). It’s well worth a read.

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