Removing the Windows 11 Xbox App with Intune

When managing Windows 10 devices, I use a handy script in Intune that removes a number of inbox apps that come built-in to Windows.  Recently l wrote about removing the Teams Personal app, but another app almost slipped past me.

The Xbox app. 

It had me a little bit confused as I thought my existing script to remove inbox apps covered all the Xbox apps.  However, it looks like there is a new Xbox app in Windows 11

To find this new Xbox app, I used the following command to get a list of all Appx packages installed.

Get-AppxPackage | select Name

I was able to make an educated guess at the name of the app (which I tested to make sure I had the correct app). 


I then created a PowerShell script with the following command:

Get-AppxPackage "*GamingApp*" -AllUsers | Remove-AppPackage -AllUsers

I have added this script to Intune and deployed to my Azure AD Dynamic Device group Device – Win 11 – All Managed Windows 11.

The result has the Windows 11 Inbox Xbox app removed.

Like what I have done with Windows 10 previously, I would recommend having one script that removes all of the inbox apps not required on a Windows 11 device and assign it to the Azure AD Dynamic Device group containing all Windows 11 devices.


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