(Updated) Removing Teams Chat from the taskbar with Intune

A few weeks ago, I wrote about using a CSP setting in a custom Intune Configuration Profile to remove Teams Chat from the taskbar.

This process works well and can still be used, but as the world of modern workplace is always changing, so I thought it might be useful to also document that this setting is now available to configure and deploy via the Settings Catalog.

I thought I would try this out in my lab so I have removed the previous Custom CSP Intune Configuration Profile deployment

I can see on my Windows 11 device, the Teams Chat icon is on the taskbar

Next, I created a new Intune Configuration Profile using the Settings Catalog profile type.

NameWin 11 – Settings Catalog – Experience – Configure Chat Icon
DescriptionDisables the Teams Chat Icon

Next, I clicked on + Add settings

Select or search for the category Experience

Select Configure Chat Icon

Choose Disabled and click Next

I have chosen to use my Dynamic Device Azure AD group containing all of my Managed Windows devices using an Intune Filter Windows 11 Devices.

I can see the Intune Profile has applied to my Windows 11 device.

After logging off and back on, the Teams Chat icon is removed.

Many thanks to Roger at Microsoft for letting me know about this setting.


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