2021 Daylight Savings change in Fiji

I work at a company which is New Zealand based, but also has offices and people in eight Pacific Island countries, one of these being Fiji.

I was recently made aware of a change to Fiji’s Daylight Savings in 2021 – in a nutshell, the Fijian government has decided to put Daylight Savings on hold for 2021-22.

Normally, Microsoft would issue an update for Windows but due to the insufficient time available, a patch is unlikely to be released before the original start of daylight savings on 14 November 2021.

This means that Windows devices in the Fijian time zone will need some form of remediation applied to them to ensure that the correct time is shown and that calendar and meeting data is also correct.

Microsoft have issued some interim guidance on this with a manual work around.

My preference is to not to ask a large number of people working in Fiji to apply this manual change, so I wondered how I could achieve applying these changes using Microsoft Intune.

The simplest solution would be to use the time zone utility: tzutil

I started by creating the following two files:


tzutil /s "Fiji Standard time_dstoff"


tzutil /s "Fiji Standard time"

To deploy this, I have decided to use a Win32 App so this change can also be removed once Microsoft have released a patch.

To create a Win32 App for Intune, you will need to start by downloading the Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool

I have placed the two files created above into a single folder

From a Terminal Window, run IntuneWinAppUtil.exe

Specify the source folder, the setup file and the output folder.

The utility will then create a .intunewin file which can be uploaded to Intune.

In Intune Apps – Add a new App and select the app type Windows app (Win32)

Select the install.intinewin file created earlier

Provide the relevant App Information

Add the following Install and Uninstall commands:


Add in the requirements that are appropriate to your environment

For the Detection rules, use a manual detection rule and choose the rule type Registry.

Rule TypeRegistry
Key PathHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation
Value NameDynamicDaylightTimeDisabled
Detection MethodInteger comparison

The App can then be deployed to a group with my Users based in Fiji. 

The result:

Before running

After running

Meetings that are scheduled after 14 November 2021 are now showing with the correct time.


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