2021 Daylight Savings change in Fiji – Update (and fix for Microsoft Teams)

***2022 Update***

The Fijian Government have suspended Daylight Savings in Fiji in 2022 – The information provided in this post was thought to be able to be reused for 2022, however reports of Teams and Outlook calendars being incorrect by one hour showed that this workaround is no longer valid.

The original post to keep the timezone set to Fiji but set the Adjust for daylight savings time automatically toggle setting to off has been tested and appears to be working.

In a previous blog, I wrote about how to implement the Microsoft recommended mitigation for the 2021 change to daylight savings in Fiji.

While this mostly worked, there was an issue with Microsoft Teams calendars where they would still be an hour out, however the system clock and Outlook calendar would be correct.

Microsoft produced a fix to account for the cancellation of Daylight Savings the November C release. At the time the release notes only reflected the change for the Windows 11 Update, but now the notes reflect that the fix is also in the Windows 10 Update. It is logical to assume that the Daylight Savings fix is also included in the December 2021 Cumulative Update for Windows 10/11.

Unfortunately, after applying these updates the issue with Microsoft Teams still occurs.

After working with Microsoft Premier Support, we have found that changing the time zone for devices in Fiji to UTC +12 resolves the Teams issue with all apps and Windows showing the correct time.

This deployment is very similar to what I created in the original post and uses the Tzutil utility.

I started by creating the following two files:


tzutil /s "UTC+12"


tzutil /s "Fiji Standard Time"

To deploy this, I have decided to use a Win32 App so this change can also be removed once the original Daylight Savings period ends on 16 January 2022 and the time zone is restored back to Fiji Standard Time

To create a Win32 App in Intune, you will need to start by download the Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool.

I have placed the two files created above into a single folder

From a Terminal Window, run the IntuneWinAppUtil.exe

Specify the source folder, the setup file and the output folder.

The utility will then create a .intunewin file which can be uploaded to Intune.

In Intune Apps – Add a new App and select the app type Windows app (Win32)

Select the install.intinewin file created earlier

Provide the relevant App Information

Add the following Install and Uninstall commands:


Add in the requirements that are appropriate to your environment

For the Detection rules, use a manual detection rule and choose the rule type Registry.

Rule TypeRegistry
Key PathHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation
Value NameTimeZoneKeyName
Detection MethodString comparison


To manage the removal of the original fix and deploy this one, you can either deploy this app as a required install to targeted devices and just remove the assignments for the original Win32 app, or because the other Win32 App has an uninstall method, you can change the assignment for the original app to Uninstall and assign  a required install for this app.

It is unlikely that there will be another update from Microsoft to correct this before the original end date of daylight savings in Fiji occurs on 16 January 2022, so I have set an appointment in my calendar to change the deployment assignment to Uninstall reverting the time zone for these devices back to Fiji Standard Time.

Even though there is only four weeks remaining, this change has made a positive impact on our team in Fiji, so I would still recommend making this change if you manage devices in Fiji



  1. Thanks, Now that we are approaching a month where these issues arise, Has there been a fix by Microsoft on these.


    1. Hi Praveen,

      The issue here is more the timeframe between Daylight Savings changes being announced and Microsoft being able to patch it. With the recent announcement of Daylight Savings being suspended in Fiji this year, and no time for Microsoft being able to patch this, I would recommend being prepared to intervene using the method in this post.

      My organisation is preparing to use this method again this year to minimise disruption to our people in Fiji.

      My org has also reached out to Microsoft and the Fijian government around getting an understanding of the timeframe Microsoft require to make changes to Windows in the event of a Daylight Savings change (This is after all the third year in a row this has been a problem).


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