External Contributions

Here are some external contributions I’ve made

External Blogs

10 July 2019 – Microsoft Tech Community – Humans of IT Blog
How Neurodiversity changed my career and life

02 December 2019 – Deptive Blog
Implementing change and managing devices: An insider’s guide to Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft MVP Award

Windows Insider MVP – July 2019


Auckland Azure User Group – August 15, 2018 – Auckland, New Zealand

Windows Analytics and Whats New in the Microsoft Cloud

Auckland Azure User Group – October 17, 2018 – Auckland, New Zealand

Bite-Sized Ignite 2018

Microsoft Ignite – September 24-28, 2018 – Orlando, Florida

DT02 – Model47 for Biz: How to run experiments in your organization (while remaining employed) – With Dona Sarkar, Jeremiah Marble and Eddie Leonard

BRK3358 – Windows Insider Program for Business: Set Up Your OWN Rings – With Dona Sarkar, Blair Glennon, Eddie Leonard

Microsoft Ignite the Tour – February 13–14, 2019 – Sydney, Australia

BRK1209 – HyperFocus on Microsoft Insider Programs: an ADHDers spin on doing side hustles to learn new things – Dona Sarkar, Jess Dodson and Mark Szili

BRK3458 – Lord of Your OWN Rings (aka Why the Insider Programs are your Secret Superpower) – with Dona Sarkar

Microsoft Ignite – November 4-8, 2019 – Orlando Florida

DT01 – Intersectionality: The real diversity superpower – with Dona Sarkar, Jess Dodson, Brandon LeBlanc, Glenn McClellan, Chris and Kristine Zwick

THR1062 – How raising diverse children positively changed my life (and my career)

UNC1049 – Balancing family and career: Can you have it all? – with Anne Michels, Phoummala Schmitt, Mark Rackley, Stephanie Donahue, Eric Overfield, Angela Donohue

THR2059 – Windows Insider for Business: What’s in it for me?

Microsoft Ignite the Tour – February 13–14, 2020 – Sydney Australia

BRK10083 – Imposter Syndrome Banishing Spell – with Dona Sarkar

BRK30016 – Why and how you should use the Microsoft Insider Programs to get ahead of the next Update – with Vivek Elangovan


Talking with Dux Raymond Sy (@meetdux) – 17 September 2018


Modern Workplace community interviews – Paul Warren 7 Jan 2019

In this video Microsoft Tech Community Lead Anna Chu interviews Paul Warren about driving adoption of Windows at Auckland Council with particular note on the critical success factors including security, user experience, Windows Autopilot and the Windows Insider for Business program.